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Art and culture are the driving forces of social development. That is what makes cultural education so important.
It creates new ways of learning and influences our lives sustainably ...
(Federal German Center for Political Education)

The ability to play is a natural born gift of human kind. He never looses it, even if he is adult. It is used unconsciously for self-reflection and life-long learning. Playing enables everyone to make experiences in daily life that are holistic – for body, brain and soul. Theatre, dance and movie actions offer exactly this experience in a very special way.
The situation on stage demands for interaction of body, soul, space and light, music and language and brings out the actors personalities and their relationships. Cultural education that way offers the possibility to question one’s personal life experience by acting.

“Cultural education is never completed. It is a livelong process of learning and dealing with the existence of every human being by himself, his environment and society by meanings of art and culture. Mediation and knowledge of mankind about the sense of live always deeply present, apart from religion, in art and culture. Cultural education therefore is an integral, urgently needed element in general education. It is very useful for personality development because it strenghtens all social and comunicative abilities. So it constitutively accounts to what Saul B. Robinson (founder of the Curriculum Theory) claimed to be the most important aim of any kind of education: “The mental equipment to act sucessfully within the world”.

Karl Emmert. From: Kunst-Griffe. About the possibilities of artistic methods in processes of education. Bundesakademie für kulturelle Bildung, Wolfenbütteler Akademietexte Bd 11, 2003

We have specialized in conception and execution of cultural education projects. If you or the institutions you are working for are interested to initiate a project like that, we are pleased to help you with the following scope:

+ Concept and calculation
+ Contacting with sponsors, ministries, partners or other institutions.
+ Handling of the project application
+ Upon request we do project management and project handling

Are you interested? We are pleased to receive your call or email.


Schauplatz - Dejiste

“Schauplatz – Dejište” - A cultural education project between Bavaria (Germany) the Czech Republic


“Experiences with one’s own limits” - An evaluation of a theatre pedagogical workshop with German and Czech adolescents.

Déjà vu

“Déjà vu”A cultural education project between the vocational college for geriatric care of the bfz Weiden in Erbendorf and the vocational college for health services Stredni Zdravotnicka skola, in Cheb.